We are on a mission to support parents in their journey to develop mindful children, empowering them to become the best version of themselves.


You are always looking for ways to help your kids grow up to be the best versions of themselves.

You know learning is beyond what the kids learn in school. You believe they need mental and emotional balance to grow up as mindful individuals.

You are creating an environment where you allow them to overcome failure, process their emotions, reduce bad habits, value interactions, foster curiosity and celebrate their mistakes.

Imagine how different our world will be and how positively it can affect others around them?

However, you are struggling to find simple, engaging tools that can easily be adopted to your daily routine and are geared towards children which can provide the guidance in their mindful journey.

And if you can't find help, you fear that your kids will lack the emotional strength needed in their lives.


We've been there. We started this journey when we quickly realized how our children were struggling to keep their emotions in check playing sports and when they couldn't overcome the stress of tests. Or the time they threw a fit because they were afraid of failing. We wanted to help them however, there was not enough time as working parents with busy family schedule. We couldn’t find simple tools to help them either. They have always been great students, healthy and physically fit. But emotionally, we knew they needed more.

As parents, we needed to understand how to be calm and mindful ourselves so we can support our kids.

That's why we created MindJars!

A community where you can find support, easy to use guides, tips and tools with a focus on developing children’s emotional strength to help them in their journey of finding their internal power to overcome challenges as well as appreciate the little moments.

Our hope is that by creating and sharing them, we can help you in a practical way support your child’s skills for life, just like it does to ours.

Join our community, Kids & Family Journey to Mindfulness, where we all support each other in this amazing journey. As learners, we are all in this together!

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